Global Partners


It is a comprehensive HR consultancy with a multidisciplinary professional team. It is part of a global organization of consultants with more than 90 offices across 45 countries. InterSearch delivers personalized solutions in the evaluation, selection, recruitment and introduction of personnel for a broad range of executive positions such as directors, upper management and middle management.


Headquartered in the UK, OLA (Oxford Leadership Academy) is an international consulting and training manager company specialized in organizational culture, business strategy and execution implementation. Its purpose is to create a better world through leadership with a pragmatic approach to values-based management that enables success in the organization by aligning people and culture in the implementation of the strategy.


Based in Argentina, it is the most experienced company in the use of simulators for training and consulting business in the spanish-speaking market. It is our ally in the development of innovative methodologies and tools to experience and respond in advance to the Business challenges (simulation tools), and introduce Best Management Practices in the Organization (Application Tools).

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